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The Maxwell Family

     The Maxwells brought joy into the hearts of all who knew them. They loved life, loved their family and friends, and loved the Lord. Actively involved in their community, the Maxwell's were strong supporters of both Village Christian Academy and Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. At Village, Connor and Cameron were very involved with the cheerleading and basketball programs, respectively. The family attended Snyder, where Connor was active in Steps of Faith, Cameron played church-league basketball, and both were members of the youth group and youth choir. Connor had a passion for missions and took part in multiple mission trips, both domestically and internationally.

Connor, Billy, Kathy, and Cameron

It is these activities that Connor and Cameron loved so much that this tournament aims to promote. Billy and Kathy raised their children to love and serve the Lord, and the programs they were able to participate in helped them share that love throughout their local community and around the world. Not every youth is fortunate enough to have these opportunities, and the goal of this tournament is to change that. We aim to provide scholarships so that any child who wants to participate in the opportunities the Snyder youth group has to offer will be able to do so. Hopefully this will allow more and more youth the chance to share in Connor and Cameron's passion for loving and serving the Lord.

Connor on a mission trip in Trinidad

Cameron playing basketball for

Village Christian Academy

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